Blog updates

Don’t navigate away…this is the same blog you are used to visiting…

…the thing is…I have made some updates.  I haven’t tinkered with the appearance of this blog for some time now and thought I needed some little changes.

(1) The most obvious change is the page theme.  My old theme was a basic white and grey.  I decided I needed a little color…so here you go.

(2) On the bottom left side is my “Clustrmaps”.  You will notice that there is nothing on it.  The old map was tracking visitors to my old blog at Typepad which I stopped using last year.  I thought I would update that map to track where people visiting this blog from.

(3) Reading list page:  I haven’t done much with this page for a while.  Now…I will be updating this more often.  I also invite you to visit and recommend some good books you have come across.  I am always looking for a good read.

And that is about it for now.  Please feel free to leave comments telling me what you think of my new changes.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and God bless.


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