A decision

I have made a decision today.  Part of me thinks it is an impulsive decision without a lot of thought of what I am getting myself into.  Another part of me wonders if I can actually do it, but when I think about that I am reminded of my bold goal last year of running a marathon (which I completed).  But another part of me wonders if I am smart enough to comprehend what I am going to read.  And another part of me wonders if this will be worth my time.

So…with all my parts at odds with one another…I am going to do it…

Do what you may ask?  I have decided that it is time to tackle some more challenging reading; something I regrettably haven’t done since seminary (5 years ago).  Some may not think this will be challenging but what I am going to start reading is “Christian Dogmatics, vol. 2” edited by Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson.  Some of the topics covered in this volume are intriguing to me: The Work of Christ; The Holy Spirit; The Church; The Means of Grace; Christian Life; and Eschatology.  Basically it is nearly 600 pages of theology…WHEW!  My brain is starting to hurt already.

I am telling you this because I am hoping that people will help me and hold me accountable.  I don’t expect to finish this book next week or next month (or next year for the matter) but I do expect to finish the book…in a somewhat timely fashion.  Hopefully along the way I can post some thoughts from my reading for all of you to enjoy.

So with that being said I am diving in…first up…The Work of Christ.


8 thoughts on “A decision

  1. kirkmuirhillrev

    Dear fellow pastor – I made a decision to read Calvin’s Institutes in a year this year (I’m presbyterian). I’ve fallen by the way-side already. There are just so many other demands crowding in that by the end of the day I’m fit for nothing. But I certainly sympathise with your desire to get down to some serious reading.
    I also fully endorse your committment to preach Jesus at funerals. When I was at seminary we were told that we shouldn’t use funerals to preach at people, that this would be an abuse of the privilege. I have ignored that and in my 11 years of ministry so far have found funerals to be a prime cause of the Lord bringing people to faith in Christ.
    Every blessing.

  2. heartofapastor

    I do wonder if my daily responsibilities as a pastor will eventually crowd out my attempt to read this book. I know there will be days when I don’t read, but I am hoping the theory is true; that if you do something everyday for 14 days, it becomes a habit.

    As for “preaching at people”…people need to hear the bare bones Gospel at funerals so I am glad you are doing what you are doing. The last funeral I presided at was for an elderly gentlemen. His son is a member but I rarely saw him. After the funeral the son told me that he is going to start coming to worship more regularly…and he has. It wasn’t me, but the Gospel preach to him.

    Thank you for the comment and for stopping by.

    1. Larry Isbell

      Unless you are working 80 hrs per week….all you’d need to do is read some of “Christian Dogs” while reruns of criminal Minds are on.

  3. mwallette

    Best of luck in your new “marathon”! 🙂 I recently made a commitment to reading and studying the word of God — both the entire Bible itself (I’ve made a good sized dent, but there’s still a long ways to go) and other Christians’ interpretations of the word. It’s tough to do — I’m a dad, a husband, I work two jobs, and I volunteer at church — but sooooo much has been revealed to me in the past year after I started reading. Even if you miss a few days here and there, the effort will pay off.

  4. heartofapastor

    Thank you for your comments. I agree…reading Christian Dogmatics in bed would not be a good idea. I have read a couple short sections, slowly and carefully, and much underlining has been done. So far it has been good, but this is me reporting after one day.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  5. Ouch, thats some very hard core study, and way cool btw. How is it going, any fascinating insights to share? I used to have a quote on my blog, how come Dr Jenson is so hard to understand except when he talks with his grandaughter. (In reference to how well he took complexity, and brought it down to a much more approchable level in Conversations with Poppi)

    1. heartofapastor

      Christian Dogmatics is indeed hard core study…and I am not doing too well. It is slow going. So right now I don’t have any insights to share…maybe later.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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