The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli.  In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions.”  (1 Samuel 3:1)  Doesn’t this make you wonder who’s “fault” this is…God’s or the people?  My answer would be the people…not listening.  And even today I think many people could say verse 1 is true today; that the word of the Lord is rare and that there are not many visions.

But I would beg to differ…

…for the word of the Lord is very prevalent.  How often do we pray; asking for something very specific; and then wait for that specific thing?  Then…upon not getting it or not hearing an answer soon enough, we think God is not listening (“The word of the Lord was rare…”).  But is the word of the Lord rare?  NO!

The thing is, sometimes the word from the Lord is “No” or “not now”.  We don’t necessarily like those answers, but a word from the Lord is not rare.  We need to learn to listen and trust that God knows what we need.  We need to learn to shut up and listen for a word from the Lord.  We like to talk to God, but we don’t always like to listen.  I heard a quote one time (I am not sure who said it) that went like this:  “When you speak, you are sharing what you already know.  When you listen, you learn something new.”

There is a lot to learn from God…we just need to listen.

From the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book, hymn #513 “Listen, listen , God is calling, through the Word inviting, offering forgiveness, comfort and joy.

Listen…God is talking to you.


3 thoughts on “Listen!

  1. This is so true, even when you’re surrounded by preaching and study of God’s word. You still have to listen. That’s why as difficult a discipline as it is, I find lectio divina useful. Blessings.

  2. Lectio Divina is a great tool. I believe part of the problem is that we are becoming more and more busy…too busy to “stop and smell the roses”. At the beginning of my confirmation classes I send the kids out into the fellowship hall for about 5 minutes of silence and journaling. It’s not much, but more than they get in a typical day.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. my thoughts exactly, Eric! I preached on this… I don’t think that the Word of the Lord is rare, but that we aren’t listening. And listening requires stopping and smelling the roses, as you say, but also, the trust that God IS speaking. Because I think we lose that trust sometimes.

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