Fall Theological Conference

I am on the road today with The Heart of a Pastor and find myself in St. Cloud, MN (here since Sunday evening).  Thank God for free wireless high speed Internet access.  But believe it or not, I am paying attention to the speakers.  I am one of those people who can multi-task.  I am listening intently (that is a very subjective description), while monitoring my Facebook site, reading the scripture for Reformation Sunday and periodically working on my newsletter article for November (Yes Vicki…I am working on it and will get it to you when I return).  Now we are on a break so I am able to write this post (adding this to my multi-task table would push me over the edge).

Anyway…I wanted to share with you a couple nuggets of information that I heard yesterday.  The speaker was Professor Rolf Jacobson, professor of OT at Luther Seminary.  I had this professor for my Psalms class during my senior year.  Yesterday, Rolf spoke about a Lutheran understanding of scripture.  Here are a couple nuggets that caught my attention:

Scripture is the living Word of God of what God is doing RIGHT NOW…among us.
The Bible is not just some history book of what God did for his people many thousands of years ago.  I believe there are many people who hold this view.  But God is working among us now, today, right now and the Bible shows us what God is up to.

If people don’t know the stories of scripture, then they won’t know who they truly are.
When we listen to stories from grandpa and grandma, from aunts and uncles, etc, we are not only hearing about stuff that happened to them in the past, but we are learning about who we are in this family.  When we hear the stories from scripture we are learning who we are in the family of God.  God’s faithfulness in the OT is not just some good story, but reminds us that, imperfect that we are, God is still faithful to us today.

I am constantly surprised by how many people I encounter are Bible illiterate.  We need a culture change, but how are we going to do this?


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  2. As parents, aunts, uncles, friends, God parents, etc. we can give Bible story books to kids and read these to kids. We can make Sunday School more Bible Story orientated. [I know that there have been trends in other directions.]

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