Monday morning check-in — Ramp project among other things

We are off to a great start on a beautiful and cool Monday morning.  Now I am praying for some rain because my lawn continues to turn the dreaded brownish color (and our crops could definitely use a drink as well).  But according to the “weather experts” (I always use that title loosely) we should get some rain this week.  Maybe I should be a weather dude; then I could say “there is a 50% chance for rain this week” and have a 50% chance of being right.  Not bad odds.

Ramp project
I know it has been a while since I have given an update on our ramp project.  So here’s an update…it’s done:

We still have some landscaping to do on the north and south sides.  On Sunday, September 14 we will be having a short dedication service right before worship.  The idea right now is to ask people to gather outside before worship.  I will then have a short litany and then “J” will cut the ribbon (her and her husband, “G” gave the money for this project but “G” died shortly after they gave us the money, but did express his wish for a new ramp .  “G” would be so happy to see this done…I wish he could be here).  I am not sure how the litany will go right now.  Does any have any suggestions of what you have used or seen used for something like this?

What’s next?
Next year Salem Lutheran Church will be celebrating it’s 125th anniversary of ministry.  So with that in mind we will be continuing to fix up some things around the church.  Our next big projects will be to repaint the sancuary and the Fellowship Hall.  We have a professional coming in to paint the sanctuary because of the high ceiling but we as a church will handle the Fellowship Hall painting.  After those projects we have some other minor ones to do to get ready for next year. 

But right now my frustration is that we are having a hard time getting people to volunteer to serve on a planning committee for this anniversary celebration.  I know people are busy, but this is a big deal for the church.  I wrote a newsletter article for September so that combined with my persistent president asking people hopefully will produce a committee.

[If you’re a Salem member reading this, please, please volunteer and share your gifts].

Training update
6 weeks and counting until the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  Training is going well, but my wife is still a little nervous.  There are days when I wonder what the heck I am doing and then there are days when I feel super confident.  But either way, I know this is going to be a difficult race, but I am still looking forward to tackling this goal and accomplishing it.  God has been with me through all the ups and downs and I am confident God will give me the strength to finish the race.

Coming up…
(1) I am working on part 3 of my Ministry model vs. Business model series; a series talking about a new structure for my church council.

(2) Last week I failed to post a Coffee Shop Ponderings post, but I will be back with one this Thursday.

(3) This weekend I am heading to the LifeLight Christian Music Festival in Sioux Falls, SD with a bunch of friends.  It is a free festival with many big name Christian artists like: Micheal W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp and many more.  I will post more about this weekend and might even have some pictures.

With that I pray you have a very happy and blessed day.  Take joy in the Lord for He is good. 

Take care!

8 thoughts on “Monday morning check-in — Ramp project among other things

  1. The ramp looks great.

    Our church has been wanting handicapped access for years and we are still in the planning stages for a major remodeling project. The building needs work, regardless of improvements. Right now, the plans are in the hands of the structural engineers, etc.

    Well, if it all goes through, we will finally have upgrades and handicapped access in late 2009. But I’ve always thought that even an ugly ramp would have provided better access ten years ago. There have been all these arguments against a ramp, so they never considered it.

    Currently, only one level, not the worship level, has no stairway to reach it.

  2. Before the ramp and the narthex addition 33 years ago, there was a steep set of stairs to the south leading out to the sidewalk. Basically there was no gathering area outside the sanctuary. With the narthex addition, Salem had no choice but to build a ramp like we have.

    My next dream is an elavator for easy access to the Fellowship Hall from the narthex. I brought that idea up about 3 1/2 years ago and nearly got eaten alive. I guess Salem is not ready for that yet.

  3. Elevators are touchy subjects. My home parish has killed that idea now three times in ten years, and seems more keen on a new building than an existing one with an elevator- we have enough money raised for the elevator that no one wants. As for the litany, I have not seen one for such an occasion, although the Occasional services has dedication of cornerstone and a couple other things. But as I read your post, I thought of thanksgiving for blessings, thanksgiving for the faithful stewards who lovingly provided, heeding God’s call, enabling all to draw closer to this community.. just thoughts, and BTW the ramp looks great!

  4. Good thoughts…thank you!

    I got a feeling the elevator will never happen in my lifetime, but as this congregation gets older, that sentiment may change. We’ll see.

  5. Any new elevator needs to be large enough for a casket, especially since people are getting heavier! Ask the local funeral home for their support.

  6. Actually…we have the ramp that gives us access to the sanctuary and there is no reason why we would need to bring a casket downstairs.

  7. …and even if we would need to bring a casket downstairs, we have a lower level access to the Fellowship. We would just need to go outside, down the ramp and around the building on the sidewalk.

  8. Hello.

    Martha Louise, who is the only daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, gave up the title of ‘royal highness’ upon her 2002 marriage to writer Ari, and has a reputation for not standing on ceremony.

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