Ministry model vs. Business model — Part 2

Ministry model vs Business model — Part 1

…I’m alright.  My mom called me this morning thinking something was wrong.  I did not post my usual “Sunday morning prayer” yesterday and had not posted my usual “Monday morning check in” yet today.  Sorry mom (and little sis)…I didn’t mean to worry you two.

Anyway…I am here.  Yesterday morning got a little busy and this morning has been the same.  It is hard to believe that September is right around the corner so that means Sunday school, Release Time and Confirmation is upon us.  Wow…where did the summer go?

Council meeting update
Last week I resumed talking about the business meeting model vs. ministry meeting model for my church council (See the above link for part one of this series).  In July we did some brainstorming on how we can better advance the mission of Christ.  I was very excited and encouraged about the outcome of that meeting.  I then mailed out some “homework” for the council; encouraging them to continue this ministry planning.  My hope was to discuss what they did at out August.  Unfortunately we did not get to do what I wanted to do.  It didn’t work out to start the meeting with mission planning and by the time we got to that agenda item it was getting late and people were getting restless.  I need to sit down with my president and make sure we are on the same page here.

Then today I got an email from a council member on how we need to spend more time in scripture and prayer at council meetings.  She felt we need to start our meetings reading the Bible together and praying more.  She must have been reading my mind these past few weeks and months.

So here is part of my plan to transform the Salem church council into a ministry meeting model over a business meeting model. Let me know what you think:
(1) On a piece of poster board that is hung in our meeting room, I have a list of our ministry priorities that we feel will advance the mission of Christ (this is our brainstorm list from July).  This will serve as a reminder each and every month why we really are taking time out of our busy schedules each month.

(2) The assigned council member for the month will lead the group in devotions as always.

(3)I will then lead the group in reading scripture.  Maybe the focus texts will be the lectionary texts for the upcoming Sunday.  Discussion and prayer would follow.

(4) Begin the “business” meeting portion of the ministry meeting.  This way, if the meeting starts running long, whats really important will not get the shaft.

So one of my priority do-to items this month is to sit down with my council president and share with him this plan and make sure he is on board.

What are your thoughts on this plan so far?  What would you add or do differently?

Series to be continued…

Take care and God bless!


6 thoughts on “Ministry model vs. Business model — Part 2

  1. I like where you are trying to lead your flock. I wonder if after the first month of you reading the scripture after devotions, if perhaps you could pair council people to read the Scripture and lead the devotion. My thoughts are this encourages everyone to actually take a turn at reading God’s word, and listening. Part of my thought process also is that the Word is for everyone to handle, not just the “professionals.” Speaking for myself, I don’t need to be the designated good Christian for others but a student with others. Just a thought.

  2. I like what you said. And me being a huge advocate for the “priesthood of all believers”, I can’t believe I didn’t see this. You are right…everyone needs to get into scripture and actually read it. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Eric
    Keep it up. The business model has its place in every church; but the church isn’t a busing. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever got is to start council meetings by asking people who and what they are praying about. It’s scary at first. You might have to nudge people along. But after a while you can see people really open up and see the value in their time together in prayer. I use a blank 8 by 11 sheet and after 4 years of starting with this kind of prayer the sheets getting filled.

  4. One of our priorities is to pray more so I like that idea. Thank you for sharing this piece of advice.

  5. I appreciate your sharing this – I know that all of our business meetings need to move in this way, and are starting to. Can you imagine the apostles of the early church getting together to make decisions without prayer and Scripture? (oops, we didn’t get prayer on the agenda!) But, too often, that is what we do.

  6. For the apostles, prayer and scripture came naturally. I wish we did not have to “try” to include prayer and scripture more. I wish it came as naturally for this church council (and others) as it did for the early church.

    Thank you for sharing, Eric.

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