Ramp project pictures

Our ramp construction project is moving along quite nicely.  I have posted a couple pictures below that shows where they are at:

This is late last week as they are pouring the ramp walls.

This pictures was taken yesterday (June 30).  The deck forms are in place and the fill is being put in.

This was this morning, but as of right now, all the fill is in.  They are now packing it down and leveling it off. 

They could be pouring the ramp deck as early as this week.  I guess it depends on the weather…which looks halfway decent except for the heat.  Generally people are happy and excited about the progress and the project as a whole…which is a relief for me.  If people are disgruntled they have not voiced that to me (or at least word of their disgruntledness hasn’t reached my ears yet).

Worship downstairs in the fellowship hall is going well.  Attendance hasn’t dropped too drastically because of our temporary move.  Hopefully people will be patient.  We could possibly be back in the sanctuary in early August if not before.  But this Sunday will create a new challenge for us as we figure out how to serve communion downstairs.  My worship/music team will have some decisions to make tonight.

Over all…things are going well.  The workers have not gotten hurt; the weather has cooperated; and people have stepped up in a variety of ways to help make sure we continue to be a welcoming presence in the midst of our temporary chaos.  One guy even said he would be willing to help guard the newly poured cement to make sure kids (or immature adults) don’t sign their names or put their hand prints in the cement.  I hadn’t thought of that.

But no matter how well things are going, I am looking forward to moving back upstairs.  My only concern is maintaining the closeness and intimacy we are experiencing by worshipping in a smaller space.  If that gets lost in the move, I will miss that.


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  1. Yes…The church is built on a hill so the east side of the church has ground level access to the fellowship hall.

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