Ramp project photos

I have been documenting our “little” construction project here at Salem through pictures.  Here are a few to give you an idea of what is being done:

The before picture

The before picture.

Ramp deck destroyed

The ramp deck is destroyed.

I love this picture

Just in case people don’t notice the construction outside.

I am amazed at how much work they have gotten done.  On Monday the railings were removed and today all the cement of the ramp deck will be gone.  We just need to pray for favorable weather now and I need to finish setting up the fellowship hall for worship.


4 thoughts on “Ramp project photos

  1. Just curious, what is going to replace this? Or are you changing purposes of the area?

    Our church has been wanting an elevator for years, for the obvious reasons. They are expensive. If we build some improvements, starting this year, an elevator is in the plans.

    However, I’ve said for 10 years, that if we had built a ramp, no matter how long and ugly, we would have been able to get certain people up to the sanctuary for a decade already.

  2. I’m sorry…I should have been more clear. We are replacing the ramp with one just like it, but better.

  3. Where did you find enough Israelites with Shophar horns to blow the ramp down, in this day and age?

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