Getting a little concerned

For the past few days, the "weather experts" have been forecasting severe weather to hit SW MN today; into tonight and tomorrow morning.  Normally I get excited about thunderstorms but I am not excited today.  I am actually getting a little concerned.  My wife called me from work this morning and said that in Lakefield, MN (10 miles NW of Jackson) there are a number of storm chasers from Oklahoma waiting for the tornado outbreak that is expected to hit our area.  These people are the serious chasers, so when they come to your area, it means they expect something big.

The logical and faithful thing to do is pray for God's protection as these storms develop and rumble ever closer.  But yet I find myself thinking of the worst.  I am worried about my wife who is in Windom (20 miles away).  I am worried about my friends and parishioners (Jenna and her dad are traveling to Sioux Falls today).  I am worried about our house and all the stuff we have.  I am worried about the church building (if anything, I hope the sanctuary ramp is destroyed but the building spared.  The ramp is coming out anyway).  Basically…I am worried.  Please pray for all those in the path of these storms. 

I know we have an almighty God who is in control.  I know we have a loving God who wants nothing but the best for us.  I know we have a God who will never leave us.  And even though I am worried about what the day may bring; whether it is a devastating tornado or minor storm damage, I know God will be with us through it all.  But I still cannot help but be a little concerned.  "Oh God…I believe, help my unbelief."


2 thoughts on “Getting a little concerned

  1. Every day I watch the weather reports during the evening news and wonder about my fellow bloggers in the areas being surveyed by forecasters and reporters. It seems as though this has been a particularly active tornado season. We have had several outbreaks here in S.C. as well, but nothing like the midwest and plains states. I pray for God’s protection in areas of severe weather, and for his comfort and peace for those who are affected by such natural disasters.

  2. We are praying for you and everyone in the path of severe whether/tonadoes. We may even be affected, I don’t know. I hope all goes well and know that I am thinking of you.
    Your sis.

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