My little oasis

This is the story of my little oasis…

On the SE side of Salem Lutheran Church is my little oasis — a grassy courtyard area surrounded by bricks, concrete and asphalt.  On the east side of this oasis is the main church building and on the north side is the education wing (a ramp heads down from the west to the east on the north side that takes you to the education wing door).  On the west side of this oasis is a sidewalk that separates the grass from the concrete parking lot (the sidewalk is elevated a couple feet with a railing).  On the south side is a another ramp that heads up into the narthex that protects this little green sanctuary from North Highway.  In the middle of this little oasis is a beautiful red tree – Myron's tree (apparently Myron was responsible for planting it way back when).  And underneath Myron's tree is a bench — Harold's bench (given in memory of Harold).  This area is a peaceful, beautiful, and restful area – an oasis – where I often go to "escape".  About the only thing missing is a little pond with some brightly colored fish swimming around (but that might be a hard sell to the council).

Even though this little oasis does not protect me from the hustle and bustle of North Highway (or anything else going on around) I still feel a sense of peace when I hang out there.  Sometimes I sit on Harold's bench underneath Myron's tree.  Sometimes I walk around the grassy infield.  I have even been known to sit or lie down in the grass and look up at the blue sky.  And…if you ever walk by without me noticing, you might notice me talking to someone you cannot see.  For in this peaceful little oasis I have had conversations with God. I have even had conversations with myself concerning sermon/worship issues or anything else running around in my head/heart.

But things are going to change very soon…

…in the matter of days destruction/construction is going to begin on the ramp (on the south side) heading to the sanctuary.  The ramp is 30+ years old and needs to be replaced (conversation about that began before I arrived).  Now I find my self getting a little nervous.  I am going to lose my little oasis for a little while (I know it will return eventually).  But I am still a little nervous.

You see…this is my first "building project".  Even though we are not building a new building or adding on to our existing structure, this is still big for us…for me.  And I hope things turn out O.K. because if they don't, I know people will turn to me for answers.  And if/when people turn to me for answers, I won't have my little oasis to "escape" to (at least not the little oasis I am used to).  I will have to find a new, temporary place…unless I want to share "MY" space with the construction workers invading my little oasis.

So for today I am going to sit back on Harold's bench underneath Myron's tree and enjoy some peace and quiet.  I am going to soak in as much of this little oasis as I can…hopefully enough to carry me through the summer.  And…if the time calls for it…I will just close my eyes and transport myself back to my little oasis and have a peaceful conversation with God. 

And who knows…in the end…maybe I will get my little pond with the colorful fish to complete my little oasis…

…a person can dream…can't they 🙂


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