Mother’s Day

I have a question…

…Sunday is Mother’s Day (as if anyone needs to be reminded) AND it is Pentecost Sunday.  But Pentecost aside, how do you treat Mother’s Day in worship?  I have heard sermons on Mother’s Day that were about mothers and I left wondering if this day (and Father’s Day) were days where we can give Jesus a break and preach about someone else.

Now…with it being Pentecost this Sunday do you try to work in mothers someplace into the Pentecost story or do you lay aside the Pentecost text completely or what?

For me…this is want I am doing:  I am preaching on the Acts 2 text were the disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit and start preaching in the native tongue of the people gathered.  Actually, my main point is talked about more in my previous post titled "Desperate".  Later in the service I will have a special recognition of the mothers and offer a prayer for them.  After worship, all mothers will be presented with a red carnation.  And that is Mother’s Day at Salem.  Am I dissing mothers too much by not preaching about mothers?

I want to make sure mothers are honored on Mother’s Day.  After all…they deserve it (especially my mother) but I don’t want to neglect the preaching of the gospel either.  I know there is probably a way to work both into a sermon, but with the text on Sunday…that is not the direction I was drawn.  What are you doing in worship?  How "should" mothers be honored?


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  1. What are you doing in worship? How “should” mothers be honored?

    In announcements, not worship, be it Pentecost or not.

  2. there are people for whom Mother’s Day is particularly painful. I would do what LP does, in the announcements, and perhaps as well a petition. No, you do not give Jesus a break. sermons are supposed to be about God. Sometimes a “mother” story can be a sermon illustation. I don’t want to “dis” moms, you don’t have to ignore them. Sometimes I’ve done something with this in the children’s time with some success…a kind of first article, “God gives us Parents” sort of thing…

  3. I think it’s very nice what you’re doing at Salem. As a mother, I’d be pleased. Sometimes at our church, between services, the men’s group would have a breakfast for the women and honor them in that way. Other times we have done as you’re doing. This year we are having confirmation as well. I would not feel dissed. Peace.

  4. I never seriously considered “giving Jesus a break” on Mother’s Day. I have just been amazed to hear sermons based solely on mothers on Mother’s Day. Pentecost Sunday and every Sunday is about Jesus…period.

    I like the children’s sermon idea and I think I am going to do that. Thanks Diane.

    I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you all.

  5. I agree with LP and Diane. Mother’s Day can be painful for some people. I spoke with our Mom yesterday and she was having a difficult day thinking about Grandma. At church, the sermon and special music focussed on mothers and she nearly broke down. I think that a nice “Happy Mother’s Day” during the announcements would be fine, just like a “Happy Birthday”. Coming from a Mother, I would not feel dissed.
    By the way, thanks for the card.
    Your sis.

  6. I’m chiming in late on this I know, but I agree with LP. In fact,that is how I handled my one and only Mother’s Day from the pulpit so far. However, it didn’t hurt that I had carnations at the doors on the way out after worship either.

  7. On Sunday I preached Pentecost. I only had a couple of people complain that I didn’t preach Mother’s Day. I just have a hard time preaching Mother’s Day because I haven’t found it in the Bible yet… but maybe I missed it. We’re only in the first year of reading the Bible as a denomination. I’ll get back to you at the end of five years and we’re done reading the bible. (Sorry, was that a little heavy on the sarcasm & cynicism?)

  8. No need to apologize, Brad. I imagine I would feel the same way if someone whined to me about not preaching Mother’s Day. So far I haven’t heard any comments about Sunday. But no matter how you slice it, we are in the “business” of proclamation about what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for all the comments…it is nice to know I am not alone.

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