Sunday morning prayer

Happy Sunday morning to you all…and what a beautiful day it is…finally…

…first off, I am sorry that I have been so absent these past couple weeks.  It never seems to fail, that when May rolls around things start picking up again until school is done.  Also, last Sunday we (Salem) participated in a "Thanksgiving and Retiring Rite" for the Lutheran Book of Worship.  The service went well, but things did not really set in with me until this past week when I was removing all the LBWs and WOV (With One Voice) hymnals out.  It felt a little surreal.

Today at Salem is Dedication Sunday for our NEW hymnals…the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW/cranberry hymnals).  Today will mark a new chapter in our worship life.  It may also mark a time of new controversy as I know some people (a minority of people) are not in favor of these new books.  But my prayer is that over time, they will grow to understand that we do not worship books, but rather we worship an awesome God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  It will take some time getting used to the "new" page numbers (i.e. the Brief Order of Confession and Forgiveness is not on page 77 but on page 147).  I wonder if I will instinctively turn to pg. 77 this morning.  It will also take some time getting used to hymn numbers in the 800s.

But I also feel fortunate because I do not have to say "good bye" completely to the LBW.  Belmont Lutheran Church (the other congregation I serve) still uses the LBW.  Now I just have to stay focused; trying to keep the two worship services straight in my head (I wonder if I will ask Belmont to turn to pg 147 for the Brief Order of Confession and Forgiveness).

In any case, I am looking forward to worship this morning.  I am not sure what it will bring (but then again do I ever know).  But one thing I do know…is that my prayer will be that everything we do today (and everyday) be to the GLORY OF GOD and not to us.  And that also happens to be my sermon focus:  What does it mean to glorify God — with the scripture reference the Gospel text from John 17:1-11.

So with that, let’s pray together…
O Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the world.  I can’t help but think of that Psalm today, O God.  When I think of all you have created and all you have done, you are still mindful of us.  You still remember us.  You still care for us.  Within this massive creation you know our needs, you give us daily bread and you love us as if each one of us were the only person in the world.  But if that was not enough, you sent you one and only Son, Jesus Christ to die and rise from the grave so we may have life. It is for these reasons (and many more) that all praise, honor and GLORY belongs to you.  O Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the world.  Amen

God’s blessings to you this day and always.  Take care.

7 thoughts on “Sunday morning prayer

  1. When we got rid of the LBW, people were invited to take one home. We kept the WOV because we really like the settings and the hymns in there. I think people would be more upset to see that one go than the green book. We’ve learned two of three settings in the ELW already, but we started with the one that is the same as in the green book (definitely NOT my favorite.) We’re alternating with the WOV for the various seasons of the year.

  2. People at Salem are going to have the option to take home a LBW as well. And we too are keeping the WOV for other services(i.e. outdoors).

    Right now we are staying with the same setting as we did in the LBW. After people get comfortable with the ELW we will start exploring a little bit.

  3. Best wishes on your foray into the ELW, as well as your trying to navigate btween green and cranberry at the two parishes. we recently had a returning organist at the Country Parish. The regular organist uses the ELW music book and the missal stand book is the new one, even though what is in the pews is still green. But no one told the returning organist what was meant by setting three. It all came unglued at the great Thanksgiving. But eventually the pastor got it straightened out.

  4. I’m sure your worship went well yesterday. Having a retirement one week and a dedication the next was a cool idea.

    I still find the new hymnal to be very user unfriendly, and do not enjoy using it as much. Unless you are in settings 1 or 2, you have to flip pages all over the pace just to keep up. This is very difficult for visitors, not to mention older members like me with “aging eyes.”

    Most of the congregations that I have supplied for that use the new book download everything into their worship bulletin and the books stay put. I scratch my head in amazement that they would spend all that money and not use them, but it makes a statement about the book itself.

    My preference with the new hymnal is to download the liturgy, whatever setting, and then use the book for hymns and psalms. another good use would be to help congregations get back into the habit of Matins and Vespers. These can be celebrated from the book without having to much trouble.

  5. Worship DID go well yesterday.

    I agree with you David…the ELW is a user unfriendly unless you’re in setting 1 or 2. We use setting 4 (LBW setting 2). Right now I am exploring ways to make things more user friendly for people (i.e. print Lord’s Prayer and Creeds in bulletin). I thought about getting the copyright to print the liturgy in the bulletin, but then I would get heat about buying the ELWs not using them enough. Just can’t win…but I am going to look for a compromise.

    But overall I am still happy with the ELW (flaws and all).

  6. Oh I think it is a good resource for worship. I like the fact that it includes so much. Like you, I think the challenge will be to find a suitable way to navigate through it. I hope that as more congregations use the ELW that it will become less awkward to move through.

    What will you do with the left over LBW’s that don’t go to homes of parishioners?

  7. Absolutely, David. One of my favorite aspects of the ELW is that it allows for more creativity in worship. There are more communion settings and various options for hymns of praise, offertories and the like.

    As for our left over LBWs…I am guessing there won’t be many left over after people claim their own copy. The ones that ARE left will be stored and used for a community ecumenical worship series the various churches in town participate in during the summer months.

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