Hot…from the church kitchen


In case you can’t figure out what in the world this is a picture of…it is a picture of a wooden spoon Salem used to have.  My wife has preparing spaghetti for our Wednesday night "Sunday" school program when this spoon got a little too close to the gas flame 🙂

[Sorry honey…you had to know that this would turn up here…I love you]

I still think I am in trouble 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hot…from the church kitchen

  1. Eric,
    Always be careful when you give your beloved a hard time in a blog or a sermon. Although a kitchen is often one of the funny places for a story in a sermon or a blog to start.
    great picture


  2. I would never give my beloved a hard time in a sermon. As for my blog…I am always careful. But here’s the funny thing…as soon as my wife showed me the spoon she said, “I suppose this is going to end up on your blog, isn’t it?”

  3. Julie Schulz

    She had to know that this would end up in your blog. Anyone who knows you would realize that. This is probably why you do most of the cooking, however I think we have all had our little mishaps in the kitchen. Last year I placed a very nice potholder on a hot electric burner. It left and nice set of half circles on it and I still use it. Thanks for the story.
    Your sis.

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