Sunday morning prayer – 04/20/08

Great news…

…our church secretary, Vicki, is finally home and feeling much better.  There is a strong possibility we will have her back next week, at least for a little bit.  But I want to make sure she takes it slow and not rush back.  We don’t want her over doing it too soon.  Thank you for the prayers.

In other news…the parishioner I talked about earlier, G, that had a massive heart attack, died on Friday.  He was all set to come home to the Jackson hospital when he developed pneumonia and had another heart attack.  That was Thursday and died by 3pm Friday.  G was all set to die and was not afraid.  His faith definitely gave him peace during this difficult time.  Thank you for the prayers.

With that being said, let’s join ourselves together in a word of prayer.

Loving God, there are so many times that we just don’t understand; where we throw up our hands with the psalmist and ask, "How long, O God?  How long?"  We search and search for answers.  We search and search for clarity.  But the more we search the more things become cloudy.  And in the end all we are left with is a hope through Jesus Christ.  And even that becomes cloudy in our doubts.  O God, grants us patience and help us to trust you more, knowing that your Will, will indeed be done.  And when your Will is done, may we rejoice and give you all glory.  Thank you, God, for your loving faithfulness.  In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

God bless you and take care.