Sunday morning prayer – 04/06/08


…back into my routine again…and oh how I have missed that…really.

After a week of vacation and a week of continuing education I am finally back in the office.  It was nice to be away for a while, but it is also nice to be back again.  Especially considering my secretary is still out.  Almost 2 weeks ago Vicki had her gall bladder out and now she has bronchitis.  She is on a strict work restriction until at least April 14.  But at least she is sounding better.  So once again I will be flying solo this week.  Please keep remembering her in your prayers.

As for me…I am still enjoying the "wonderful" surprises my wife and friends left for me when I returned.  During the week, my wife with the help of some WONDERFUL friends completely remodeled a room Connie and I have wanted to do for quite some time.  They had many late nights scraping wall paper adhesive and painting.  Thank you, thank you…I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends.

But some of these "wonderful" friends left me some other surprises.  One of which was turning all my books around in my office…so all the binding are facing in.  Now I walk in my office and see and sea of white pages shining out from my bookshelf.  But in all honesty, I had that coming (too much to explain right now).

Anyway how…all in all…I feel very thankful this morning.

Now…let’s get back into OUR routine and pray together this morning.  Let us pray…

Merciful and Mighty God, the radical event of the cross brought drastic changes to this world.  Through Christ’s death and resurrection a new hope has been written into our stories with the promise that there is nothing in all of creation that will be able to separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.  In and through this resurrection our future reality is one where pain, sorrow and death are no more, for those things will pass away.  Teach us, affirm in us, proclaim to us, each and every day, this promise so we can sustain and endure through life’s trials and dark times.  Help us see this story and future hope so we may boldly proclaim this to others through word and deed.  Thank you God, for you unending love and mercy. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Take care and God bless!

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