Secrets and small town life

Living in and doing ministry in a small town does have it’s share of disadvantages, but it definitely has its advantages. 

I was on vacation last week (out of the office but not out of town) and this week I am in St. Paul, MN.  Last night I found out something that I don’t think I was meant to find out…yet.  It was nothing bad about me (and I wish I could go into details with you, but I can’t right now).  All I can say is that it is something I wish I was told earlier, but something I will get over very quickly.

It just goes to show that it is hard to keep secrets in a small town (even if the person you’re "hiding" from is out of town).


5 thoughts on “Secrets and small town life

  1. PS

    I’ve been a small town resident now for 31 years after being raised as a city kid. For me, the small town is a better place; I believe I’ve grown as a person in ways I couldn’t have in a city.

    But, it is an adjustment. I still cringe when somebody I don’t know well starts asking me about something that I’ve done or where I’ve been. We’ve had over three years of being asked questions about my husband’s change of employment by people we’ve never laid eyes on.

    But the support, ah, the support. You can’t beat it!

  2. Pastor Eric

    Amen to the support thing. When my grandma died back in February, the support was amazing, not just at Salem, but from others in the community. I would trade it for anything.

  3. LawAndGospel

    Like yesterday when a friend in my small town called and I said, ” Hey, saw you coming out of the tanning place..” And he paused then laughed and said, “I guess you’re right, I do go there.” Clearly he did not plan on people knowing he tans

  4. Diane

    yeah, I loved a lot of things about small town life, but they always seemed to know where I was! I hear what you are saying…

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