Monday morning check in (on Tuesday)

Well…I am back after a long weekend.  And…like my awkward Thursday last week, I got a feeling this will be an awkward Tuesday since I was off yesterday.  My whole week is going to be thrown off.  Oh well…

Grandma:  The funeral mass for my grandma went very well.  The mass was held in the nursing home chapel with about 80 people present.  Nine of the 14 grandchildren were able to be there.  Needless to say it was a bitter sweet reunion.  After spending some fun, quality time together we realized that we need to get together more often.  So my wife and one of my other cousins are going to be planning something this year (at the very least a New Year’s Eve gathering).  Funerals and weddings should not be the only time family gets together.

Eulogy:  This was one of the toughest things I have done.  I spent some time sharing some memories of grandma…and was doing fine.  When I got to my closing (talking about grandma’s faith) then I started to have trouble…especially when I made eye contact with some of my cousins.  When I made eye contact the waterworks started.  I finished by sharing the Gospel.  Normally during a funeral that I preside at, I schedule the eulogy before the sermon so I can have the last word…sharing the Gospel.  On Saturday (at grandma’s funeral mass) the priest had me near the very end…so I had the last word.  Imagine that…a "Lutheran" proclamation of the Gospel at a Catholic mass.  Oh well…we are all brothers and sisters in Christ so what’s the difference?

Winter:  I love…I mean, like…wait a second…I use to enjoy…I mean…I am down right sick and tired of winter.  The bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills are getting old.  As you know I am training for the Twin Cities marathon.  Running on the treadmill is fine, but I need a change of scenery…I need to get outside, but I am not running outside if it is below zero.  Call me a wimp, but I want to enjoy my run without worrying if any limb is going to freeze and fall off.

Personal stewardship:  I haven’t given a report on this for a while.  My weight loss is going fairly well.  I have plateaued, but I am losing some weight.  Pants are feeling looser all the time which means I am putting on muscle mass while losing fat so therefore my weight is not going down as fast.  As for my training, I am on track and looking forward to registering for the Twin Cities marathon in April.

A message for the road:  "When Satan reminds you of your past remind him of his future"

Take care and God bless!

7 thoughts on “Monday morning check in (on Tuesday)

  1. Art

    The story of your grandmother’s funeral is very touching, Eric. Thanks be to God for your family’s faith (no matter the denomination) in this difficult time.

  2. David

    Welcome “home” pastor. I’m glad that you had some time with your family and that you all will be getting together again in the near future. You are absolutely right about not waiting for weddings and funerals.

  3. LawAndGospel

    You have experienced a lot lately. I want to believe that faith can transcend the differences at times when we just need to be community. May God’s embrace be with you and your family.

  4. Eric

    Nicely put L & G…when it comes right down to it, whether we are Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist or whatever, we are all “playing for the same team”.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. Through the support of this blogging community, my congregation, friends and family, me and my family have indeed felt God’s loving embrace. Thank you.

  5. unlikely conversation

    It sounds like you’ve started to be a minister in your own family. It’s not an easy space. The waterworks won’t get any easier. Keep at it; especially the family plans. They all matter.

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