Monday morning check in (Returning home)

My grandma finally returned home at 12:30am this morning with my mom by her side.  The nursing home called my mom yesterday (Sunday) at 5:30am and told her she had better come up (grandma had been sustaining a temperature of 104 for about a day).  Mom stayed with grandma all day and said that grandma simply just slept away peacefully…just as we hoped she would do.  It has been a long month but I feel this has brought the family closer together (even though there were a couple of rough patches).  A funeral date has not been set yet but we are looking at Saturday Feb. 16 (I should know more later today). 

Thanks again for all your prayers and words of support.  They have all meant a lot to me.  Please continue to remember us as we plan a funeral and begin the process of coping with life without grandma.

To any of my cousins and other family members reading this:  NEVER EVER forget…this is not "good bye" but rather this is "see you later, grandma".  For through Jesus’ death and resurrection we have this promise of New Life.  Grandma and grandpa are finally reunited after nearly 4 years and we too will be reunited with them some day.  Shedding tears is fine, but don’t lose hope…we will see grandma and grandpa again.

Now I have an important task ahead of me…writing and giving the eulogy.  I have given a number of funeral sermons but this will be by far one of the hardest things I have done.  "Please God…grant me strength."

Well…that’s all I have for this edition of "Monday morning check in".  My grandma (and my family) are the only ones on my mind right now.  "See you later, grandma."


6 thoughts on “Monday morning check in (Returning home)

  1. Eric

    Thank you!

    Talking with my mom tonight I could hear the peace in her voice. That is something I haven’t heard in her for quite some time.

  2. Gen Hullstrom

    Thank you to everyone for their kinds words of support and prayers for Eric and our family. My newest suggested reading book is ’90 Minutes in Heaven’. After I read this and my mom passed away I thought “mom is seeing what this pastor wrote about” and I was so happy for her. I was so blessed to be with her at this time and I thank God that he gave me this wonderful gift. I will never forget the look of peace on her face.

  3. Unlikely Conversation

    Peace to you in these days. Funerals have their own pace that goes so fast. Arrangements, visitation, service, internment, and then comes what we do at our own pace; grieve.
    God be with you.

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