Sunday morning prayer – 01/20/08

Well…my grandma is still alive.  Earlier this week I suspected that she would die by the end of the week, but I should have known.  My grandma is a tough ole bird.  The problem is that grandma wants to go.  She keeps asking why it is so hard to die and why she can’t go home.  But there is something else…grandma says she can see Jesus and that she can see the gates opening for her…but she is afraid to move forward.  She keeps asking her kids to go with her or at least walk her to the gate.  My grandma is a person of strong faith, so considering everything she has gone through these last couple years, one would think she would run to those gates and embrace Jesus.  But something is holding her back.

My wife suggested that I read a book she just finished reading called 90 minutes in heavenHas anyone heard of that or read it?  Apparently it is about a pastor who dies in a car accident.  He was pronounced dead at the scene and covered up so the paramedics could attend to the injured.  Then another pastor showed up to pray over this dead pastor’s body…for 90 minutes…while he was in heaven.  The book is about is experience in heaven and his life afterward.  After my conversation with my mom last night and hearing the updates on my grandma, I think 90 minutes in Heaven might be my next read.

Anyway, please continue to remember my grandma.  I pray she has the courage and faith to walk forward and let go of this life.  This is not good bye, but rather "see you later".  Thank you, again, to everyone for your prayers.  It means a lot to me to know that I (and my family) are not alone in this.  Thank you.

Let us pray…
Gracious and merciful God…in Jesus Christ, you are indeed the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.  Because of that reality, we can go through this life knowing that nothing of this world can ultimately "harm" us.  In the end, you have won the day through the cross of Christ.  But we have a tendency to forget.  Our memories are short.  False gods wiggle their way into our lives and, on the surface, promise things we think we need.  Please keep our faith strong, strong enough to see through these empty promises to know that you and you alone are our source of life.  Thank God for never giving up on us when we stray.  Thank you God for leading us to eternal life.  Now God, I pray you may continue to lead my grandma and receive her with open arms.  Take away her fear and give her joy of what is to come.  Thank you God, through Jesus Christ your Son and our Lord I pray, Amen

God bless you in your faith and I pray you may always have the strength and courage to see what is to come for all of us, through the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Take care and God bless.


9 thoughts on “Sunday morning prayer – 01/20/08

  1. Eric

    It is pretty amazing (and comforting) that grandma is seeing Jesus. Thank you for the prayers. Also remember my mom along with my aunts and uncles. They are spending many sleepless nights with grandma. I pray they may find some rest in the midst of uncertainty.

  2. Eric Lemonholm

    I have spoken with someone who has seen the gate of heaven and returned – that’s pretty awesome. Perhaps your grandmother’s temporary lingering serves a purpose of strengthening the faith of others. Your family is in my prayers.

  3. Eric

    Eric – I was wondering about that very thing. When I relayed that story to my secretary she said, “It just gives me so much hope.” I think God is indeed up to something here.

    Thanks much!

  4. Unlikely Conversation

    Be glad for every minute you have with your grandma. It sounds like she wants to hold on to you all and she knows that its all right if she sleeps. She’ll wake to see the face of God.

    My last memory of mine is her holding my daughters a few week before she died. She had a couple strokes and was in bed at a nursing home but she didn’t want to let go of those babies (one even needed to have a new diaper and she just wanted to hold her). Maybe your grandma is doing the same.

    Remember there’s not just one gate, but 12 gates to the New Jerusalem. Revelation paints the picture of God’s welcome for us not on one side of heaven but on all sides. Revelation 21:10-14 is the part that the Left Behind folks forget. God has a plan to bring in the lost and faithful to the new Jerusalem.

  5. heartofapastor Post author

    I haven’t read that book yet, but it is on my do read this (along with a number of other ones). But I can tell you that a number of my friends and family have read it and loved it. Hopefully I can give a report on the book in the future.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the book. Let me know what you think.

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