On May 4, 2006, this blog, The Heart of a Pastor, was born. I didn’t pick this day because it is Star Wars Day. You know what a I mean, right? “May the 4th be with you“. Dorky I know, but even though I like Star Wars, this day was completely arbitrary 11 years ago.

Eleven years ago my wife showed me this thing that the pastor at her former church was doing. I had never heard of a blog before so I explored this “thing”. I liked what I saw so I decided to give this blogging thing a whirl. I started at Type Pad and wrote there for a while. I liked it but I had to pay for it, so when I eventually discovered WordPress, I transferred everything over.

My blogging over the years has been up and down, and this blog has gone through a number of changes. Through it all, though, I have grown with this blog. Even though the readership of this blog may not be all that large, I do enjoy writing; even if only for one person. So if you’re reading this, thank you for stopping by. I hope and pray that God is glorified through my writing. How long will I keep this up? I don’t know. As long as God keeps giving me things to writing, I will write.

So there you have it. The eleven year anniversary of this little blog. My God bless your day and May the 4th be with you.

Sorry, I had to say it 🙂

The Pastor -|—


The force

I was glancing over my calendar for the week and noticed that on this day, 8 years ago, “The Heart of a Pastor” was birthed.  Yes, I actually wrote that in my calendar and yes, I am a nerd.

But 8 years, though…8.  The big 0-8.  A second grader.


I can’t believe I have been writing that long.  So many times I thought I was going to give up writing on this blog but then something clicks and off I go again.  But then again, as a “second grader” I get distracted easily with other things.

Now I am approaching the 10 year anniversary of my ordination and my ministry here in Jackson.

10 years…10. The big 1-0. A fourth grader.

I can’t believe that one either. And what makes that number more amazing is that this is still my first call. But maybe I should be more impressed that my congregations haven’t run me out of town yet.

Or maybe my longevity in Jackson and in this little corner of cyberspace is because the force is strong with this pastor.  I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that I started this blog on this day 8 years ago; on Star Wars Day.  You know what I am talking about, right.

May the fourth be with you 🙂

I guess the fourth (I mean the force) is strong in this one.

Happy “The Heart of a Pastor” Day AND Star Wars Day.

The pastor (a.k.a. ~ A nerd who needs more sleep) -|—