About a half a block from the church office is a drive through coffee stand. It’s name? Hot Chick A Latte and it’s not named that because the lattes are hot. Rare does a day go by that I don’t see a line of cars at that stand to “get coffee”. As I drive by I am saddened that someone decided to use sexuality to sell coffee. I am even more saddened, though, that there are young women willing to dress in such skimpy outfits in order to please the eyes of their customers. I made the mistake, early on, of stopping there for coffee (before I knew their “secret”). Call me a naive Midwest kid, but I thought it was just a clever name. Now, when I drive by, I say a prayer for whoever is working in that stand. Below is the spirit of that prayer, but I also submit it to you to be prayed over all women; that they may see their worth in God and not in their bodies. Let us pray…

Creator God,
I commend this woman to you,
that she may see that she is,
beautiful not because of how she looks,

but because of who she is;
that she is beautiful not because someone’s eyes claim she is,
but because she is beautiful through Your eyes;
that she is special not because people clamor over her,
but because You wonderfully created her.

May people’s attention not be her god.
May her worth not come from others.
May her self-esteem be rooted in Christ.

Holy God,
wrap her in your love so that she doesn’t feel the need
to unwrap herself.

In Jesus name,

The Pastor -|—