Bursting Forth to Worship (Psalm 40:16)


When you burst forth to worship God, this is the verse of which I am thinking.

And my prayer is that people are not bursting forth in order to enter the worship event to fulfill some perceived duty. For to enter the worship event in such a fashion is not true worship. Rather, the true worshiper enters the worship event in an unselfish way; to seek the Lord, but not just to seek what the Lord can do for you, but rather to rejoice and be glad in him.

That is true worship.

But one is only going to burst forth in a authentic and humble way if one loves God and is thankful for the salvation God gives through Jesus Christ. For when the worshiper sees their salvation as rescue from the sinful self, through faith Jesus Christ, then the bursting forth will be followed by,

“Great is the Lord!”

And when the bursting forth is followed by that refrain then the worshiper is not concerned with the self but rather with pleasing the Lord with their praise.

But isn’t worship about “recharging” one’s battery for the week?

Yes and No

Worship is about God, first and foremost, but the “recharging” is a happy byproduct of worship. During the event of worship, the Word is read and proclaimed; fellowship is enjoyed and the soul is nourished through the sacraments. But the “recharging” is not for the selfish self but rather for the glory of God. The “recharging” is meant to send you forth to continue your worship of God and through such worship, proclaim to others the glory of God.

So “Yes” worship can recharge your battery, but “No, it’s not for you but for God. For,

Great is the Lord and worthy to be praised!
Great is the Lord and worthy of all honor!
Great is the Lord and worthy of all worship!

Burst forth, oh worshiper, burst forth and praise our awesome God.

God almighty, You are indeed worthy. May we see the event of worship rightly and may we not see the event of worship as our only worship of You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The Pastor -|—