Praying the Psalms ~ Psalm 2

I see so many people today aligning themselves with politicians in an effort to gain peace through their flawed agendas. I see leaders trying to lead but without God as their moral guide. Governments try to silence the voice of the Church. All of this and I imagine God with a smirk on His face, like I father who is fending off a four-year-old as they wrestle with him. We must remember, God is in control so therefore do not fear.

READ: Psalm 2 and then let us pray…

There is no question, oh God, that You are sovereign over all creation.
You are the Creator.
You are in control.
You are Lord of all
Yet, the nations rage, plot and scheme. They think that they are in control.
How silly that is.
They try to break free from Your rule; to cast the Church away; to be a moral lighthouse and the truth makers and keepers. Oh God, I roll my eyes with You and laugh. No one and no entity can set themselves up over You.
Why can’t they see that?
Oh Lord, my God, may Your glory be revealed among the nations.
As for me, oh Lord, sustain me as the nations rage, plot and scheme.
Place me firm upon the Rock of Jesus.
May I not be broken with those who turn away from You.
It’s You, oh God that I serve.
Help me
Keep me
Preserve me
That I may not fall away and throw my lot in with the wicked.
In Your divine grace, protect me and hold me close for Your wrath is poured out onto sinners.
Don’t pour Your wrath out on me but in the name of Jesus have mercy on me.
Oh God, my Lord, You are my refuge.
In Jesus name I pray.