Freedom, grace, mercy, peace.
They are not free.
They are costly.
Many have given their lives.
Many have sacrificed much.
Oh so much.
But too many forget –
taking for granted,
simply enjoying a “long weekend”,
a peaceful life.
But what is peace?
Are you really at peace?
Many have died that we my ask this question.
One has died that true peace may be had.
Let us not forget the many,
and do not forget the One.
Freedom, grace, mercy, peace.
Given through the sacrifice of many – For now.
Given through the grace of One – Forever.
Remember now
Know forever.

A great day…but don’t forget

I began my day by sitting on my patio this morning:
I heard the birds singing.
I felt a gentle breeze.
I drank my coffee.
I read scripture.

…and I gave thanks to God for a beautiful day…and for freedom.

What a great day…Praise be to God!

Today is Memorial Day.  Many people will attend parades, programs and spend time with family and friends.  Grills will get fired up.  A grave site or two will get visited.  A day off work will be enjoyed.

But through all these activities remember a couple things:
(1) Remember and thank those who have served this country in the armed forces.

(2) Remember and thank those who currently serve (remembering their familes as well).

(3)  Remember and thank GOD!

We enjoy many freedoms in this world because of those who have made incredible sacrifices for our freedoms…and they should be remembered and thanked.  But don’t forget the freedom we have through Jesus Christ.
~ Without the cross the freedoms we have in this world life would be truly meaningless.
~ Without Jesus’ sacrifice we would have no hope.
~ Without God’s love we would not be truly free.

Give thanks today…but don’t forget to give thanks to God (today and everyday); for through Jesus we are truly free.

Praise be to God!
Thank you, God!
Bless those who serve this country!
Bless all your children!

edh -|—