So You Are

A mother cradling her newborn baby.
A hen spreading her wings over her brood.
A father’s provision for his family.
A king’s army guarding the city wall.

So You are to me,
O God.
So You are to me.

Without You I am vulnerable and dead,
But in Jesus I am victorious.
Without faith You are hidden and ordinary,
But in Jesus You are glorious.
My Life.
My love.
My everything.

A rock solid foundation.
A fiercely strong and mighty warrior.
A tender hand and warm embrace
A grace-filled and merciful Lord.

So You are to me,
O God.
So You are to me.

Christ the King

I am doing some sermon prep for this Sunday (Christ the King Sunday).  My question for you is this:

How do we speak to people about Jesus being “King” and “Lord” in a world where those two words/titles mean very little?

Our culture and context is radically different from that of Jesus’ day.  “King” and “Lord” meant something to people then.  Those titles conjured up images and definitions for them.  They understood their roles and meaning for their lives.  So how should we understand these today?

I am curious on your thoughts about this.