Worship Prayers ~ Those Who Are Homeless

As temperatures dip and snow falls,
I remember before You,
O God,
those who have no homes –
Precious ones of Your creation who are forced to scramble to find shelter and warmth.
O God, have mercy.
Send resources and people into their lives.
may weather not be the only reason I remember those who are homeless,
may they always be on my heart,
leading me to search for ways to show mercy and compassion
in practical ways.
May I never turn a blind eye or a deaf ear.
May I never dismiss them as someone else’s problem.
May I never judge them as lazy, irresponsible or as troublemakers.
O God,
transform my heart that I may have a heart for
who happen to find themselves homeless.
Transform my heart to love and care
for Your children.
In Jesus name I pray,

Pictures from children

My wife and I don’t have any children (yet…but who knows…God willing someday) so we don’t have art work from children gracing our refrigerator.  But recently a couple of my Sunday school kids have been giving me some artwork.  Below are two pictures I received last night at Wednesday Night Live( Sunday school).  As I receive these pictures they get taped to my office door…


(from Olivia)

(from Ella)

…And I tell you something (and you parents out there probably can relate to this) it is such a wonderful feeling to receive something from a child that you know they put their heart and soul into.  These two little girls were so excited to give me these pictures that it melted my heart.  I have others on my door from other children that mean just as much to me.

I don’t have much of a theological reflection of this other than to say that as a pastor I am so excited to have developed relationships with these kids (and others).  I hope I can use these relationships to be a positive influence in their lives…supporting what their families are doing.

I thank God everyday for this congregation and for the children.  They have a powerful way of warming my heart.

Praise be to God!