Meeting us on the road

I love the fact that Jesus meets us where we are at.

Luke 24:13-35 was the Bible study text for the SW MN Synod Assembly this past weekend (June 12-14).  It is also a text that I use for my personal ministry mission statement (see the above page tab for more details).  I believe there is a lot for us to learn from this.  I mean…how often do we try to get people to come to us.  I am as guilty as anyone.
–We create programs to try to “lure” people into the church building.
–We encourage people to go out and invite people into the building for worship.
–We spends lot of time (and money) making our buildings look nice so people will be attached to our building.

But that is not how Jesus did ministry.

–Jesus did not sit stationary and wait for people to find him.
–Jesus did not set up a home office and advertise classes, speeches and seminars.
–Jesus did not build a fancy building with the thinking “If I build it they will come”.

Jesus went and met people on “the road” and that should be our ministry example as well.  I guess that is why I have a ministry mission statement based on Luke 24…to remind me that I need to get “out there” and meet people where they are…literally and figuratively.

But as we do this we need to remember who is in charge.  We don’t what we do as a church in order to beef up the offering plate, make our numbers look good or to acquire popularity in the community.  As a church we go out and meet people on the road to proclaim the saving love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  That should be our ONLY motivation…because after all…that was Jesus’ ONLY motivation as he went to the cross all FOR YOU and FOR ME.