The Turning Page

The page is turning, the chapter is ending,
But the story is still the same.
The setting is changing with twists and turns,
But the plot is not in flames.

The direction of the story ebbs and flows,
Directed by Your sovereign hand.
You continue to write Your masterpiece,
A story that is so grand.

And being a part of Your perfect story,
In this chapter that’s now ending.
I am thankful that You will always be,
With me forever attending.

And So I thank You God for bringing me here:
The stunning Pacific Northwest.
Now it’s off to Iowa following You,
In You we’ve been truly blessed.

Election Day Prayer

It is Election Day but let us not worry about the outcome – rather let us give the outcome to God. He will not be surprised. No matter what, Jesus is Lord. Rest in the sure and certain knowledge. Let us pray…

Sovereign God and King, I praise You that You sit on the throne, not because of any vote but because of who You are. You reign on high and You reign in our hearts. You reign in power and You reign in love. You reign in wisdom and You reign forever. Oh God, may we rest peacefully in that knowledge, no matter what happens on this day. But I am not suggesting that we be passive spectators. Give wisdom to people as they cast ballots. Give wisdom as we live in this country no matter who is elected. May we stand firm on the rock solid foundation of Your promises in Jesus Christ. May we never back down. May we always fight for You knowing that the battle is Yours and Yours alone. Oh God, I know that You will not be surprised by the outcome of this election and thus Your will, will be done. Give us the faith to trust You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

God Reigns No Matter What

The following is my article that was published in The News Tribune (Tacoma) this morning. To God be the glory!

I was reminded recently of the strong feelings many have concerning this election and potential ramifications of the outcome. I took a seemingly “hands off” approach in a comment about the election on Twitter, but I am anything but “hands off”. You see, I voted and did my civic duty, but I am not stressing about who will win or who will lose. Some people have threatened to leave the country if so and so is elected – thinking that the grass will be greener somewhere else. The problem with that thinking is that often people find artificial turf where they end up landing. Instead of fleeing, why not stay and fight for change, or better yet, pray and trust God.

So, with that being said, I wrote the following post on Twitter: “In the grand scheme of things, it makes no difference who wins. What truly matters is that God is and always will be sovereign. Jesus is Lord and God’s Kingdom will last forever. Vote your conscience but remember who reigns. To God be the glory, always and forever.

One of my Twitter followers soon responded with the comment, “Unfollow”. I guess she did not like that tweet. After I questioned her, she responded, but it was clear she either did not understand what I was saying or completely disagreed with me. I had tried to make myself clear, but to no avail. She appeared to be more wrapped up in this election than trusting God. I am not saying we should be completely nonchalant or passive about the election, but I am not going to curl up in a ball and cry if my candidate/party loses. I will continue to trust God.

Election Day is two days away. Some of you have voted already. Some may be still contemplating their ballot. Whatever the case, we will all come through this election season with leaders elected to office. Whoever is elected, know that God will not be surprised or disappointed. That was the point of my above Tweet. God is sovereign. God has a plan. God will get what He wants. And so, trust in Him and pray.

Holy God, this election season has been a source of stress for many. Some are inflamed with hatred over the opposing candidate/party. Our leaders, who are supposed to have our backs and faithfully govern us, are playing an intricate chess game with one another in an effort to advance their own agendas. Oh God, this is not how it should be. But I give you thanks that that is not the way of things in Your Kingdom. As King You rule with all authority but also with our best interests close to Your heart – defeating death and giving us life and salvation through Jesus Your dear Son. And so, may we look to You for our hope and not to the leaders of this country. Give us wisdom to select the leaders You have chosen to advance Your agenda. And give us peace to live in this country no matter who is in office – knowing their rule is limited but Yours is eternal. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Oh God, You are Lord of All

[Inspired by Job 38-42]

Holy God; Creator and Father, Lord of all,
The depths of Your being is beyond comprehension.
There is no limit to Your knowledge.
Your strength and power is unmatched.
Your authority is absolute; even the waves and the waters obey you, and creatures without understanding know their prescribed limits. You have set everything in motion and You sustain all that You have made.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.
You know the deepest recesses of the earth – nothing is hidden from You.
You know the secrets of all living things – You breathed the breath of life.
Your providence is unmatched in all the world – only from You do we have our sustenance.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.
Darkness is not dark to You for You are the Light, and nothing can overcome You. The most heinous of evil is no match for Your power and rule; for it has already been overcome. Actually, it never had a chance. You are King and sovereign.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.
You are the source of all wisdom – You are omniscient.
You are the source of love – You are love.
You are the source of all morality – everything is judged by You.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.
You are filled with majesty and honor – clothed with splendor unmatched.
You are enthroned on high – King of all creation.
You and You alone are worthy all all praise and worship.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.
Who am I to question You – to doubt Your actions?
Who am I to make suggestions – to dare tell You what to do?
Who am I to resist Your commands – to disobey, to act contrary to Your will.
I am but a worm in Your presence; nothing but clay molded by You; a creature without understanding.
In all my ways and words, I despise myself and repent. For the sake of Jesus Christ forgive me, heal me, remake me, mold me.
Oh God, You are Lord of all.

Praying the Psalms ~ Psalm 2

I see so many people today aligning themselves with politicians in an effort to gain peace through their flawed agendas. I see leaders trying to lead but without God as their moral guide. Governments try to silence the voice of the Church. All of this and I imagine God with a smirk on His face, like I father who is fending off a four-year-old as they wrestle with him. We must remember, God is in control so therefore do not fear.

READ: Psalm 2 and then let us pray…

There is no question, oh God, that You are sovereign over all creation.
You are the Creator.
You are in control.
You are Lord of all
Yet, the nations rage, plot and scheme. They think that they are in control.
How silly that is.
They try to break free from Your rule; to cast the Church away; to be a moral lighthouse and the truth makers and keepers. Oh God, I roll my eyes with You and laugh. No one and no entity can set themselves up over You.
Why can’t they see that?
Oh Lord, my God, may Your glory be revealed among the nations.
As for me, oh Lord, sustain me as the nations rage, plot and scheme.
Place me firm upon the Rock of Jesus.
May I not be broken with those who turn away from You.
It’s You, oh God that I serve.
Help me
Keep me
Preserve me
That I may not fall away and throw my lot in with the wicked.
In Your divine grace, protect me and hold me close for Your wrath is poured out onto sinners.
Don’t pour Your wrath out on me but in the name of Jesus have mercy on me.
Oh God, my Lord, You are my refuge.
In Jesus name I pray.


I don’t know about you but I hate waiting…

…but I think the worst part of waiting is knowing God is sovereign.

God knows what is best.
God sees the whole picture.
God has a divine plan.

I get all of that and I am extremely thankful for all of that.  I praise God that He is sovereign.  I worship God because He is…well…God.  But I still hate waiting.  So I think the worst part of this is my selfishness/sinfulness doing battle with my belief in a sovereign God.  They run around in my heart fighting all the while I get torn on how to react when I find myself getting impatient. I want my way but I also want God’s way.

But the thing is…

…I can’t rush God.  I can’t force God’s hand through bargaining or threats. God is going to do what God is going to do in God’s own time.  So I need to get over myself and trust.  I need to wait and see what God is going to do in my life.  I need to understand that God’s plan is a perfect plan.  I need to pray and ask for patience…

Loving God, you are in control.  You have a plan and I am excited about that.  But sometimes I can hardly wait to see what that plan is.  I get impatient and try to bring about what I think is the plan.  And when things don’t work out I get upset and angry.  Almighty God, grant me patience to trust you.  Grant me faith to wait on you.  Grant me wisdom to teach others.  God…you are mighty and I look forward to you displaying your glory.  In the mean time I will wait.  In Jesus name, Amen 🙂

edh -|—