So You Are

A mother cradling her newborn baby.
A hen spreading her wings over her brood.
A father’s provision for his family.
A king’s army guarding the city wall.

So You are to me,
O God.
So You are to me.

Without You I am vulnerable and dead,
But in Jesus I am victorious.
Without faith You are hidden and ordinary,
But in Jesus You are glorious.
My Life.
My love.
My everything.

A rock solid foundation.
A fiercely strong and mighty warrior.
A tender hand and warm embrace
A grace-filled and merciful Lord.

So You are to me,
O God.
So You are to me.

Praying the Psalms ~ Psalm 33:18-22

This prayer is titled, “Beautiful Eyes” and is from the Psalm that will be read in worship on Sunday, August 11. These closing verses captured my heart and I hope they lead you to deeper appreciation and worship of our awesome God. Let us pray…

Oh Lord my God,
what beautiful eyes You have,
to look upon me with grace and love,
to keep my soul and to give me peace.
Your eyes look off the advances of the Evil One;
keeping him at bay as a pitcher staring down a runner at first base.
With Your eyes lovingly gazing at me, I have nothing to fear.
Oh Lord my God,
Father and Creator, I give You thanks.
And now I wait on You, for I know that Your beautiful eyes are on me.
I know I am not forgotten.
I know I am not lost in the shuffle.
Your eyes are on me and thus my heart is glad.
My trust is in You for Your eyes will never depart from me.
You will never be distracted thus I can rest secure.
Your eyes won’t grow weary or tired.
Your eyes will not fail.
Because You are God almighty,
and Creator,
I will continue to place my hope in You, from this day forth and forevermore.

Our Father

Our Father who art in heaven,
and yet You reside close to me.
You are never ever distant,
that You guarantee.

You are my Bread winner;
Jesus Christ the Bread of Life.
You are my Defender;
willing to die to save my life.
You are my Creator;
the Breather of the breath of life.

You are all of this and more,
as my Father You never ignore.
But you are not just mine,
for I am just one fruit of the vine.
There are many that reside,
in Your family we all abide.
But I am never just another face,
for You’re the Father and we all have first place.

And so as You are in heaven,
through Jesus I will be too,
with my brothers and sisters,
all our praise will be for You.


Father God,
I fall into Your arms today to be
listened to,
spoken to,
and lifted up.
I fall into Your arms today,
as my child runs to me in distress.
I fall into Your arms today,
as my child who simply wants to cuddle with daddy.
I fall into You arms today,
just because
YOU are my Father.
And so I fall into Your arms….

Fall into Your heavenly Father’s arms and know that you are loved, beyond anything that you can imagine.