Not Irrelevant

This past NFL season, fans from across the country got to know the name Brock Purdy. Whether you are an Iowa State or San San Francisco fan or not, it was hard not to be impressed with what he did following the injuries to the quarterbacks before him on the depth chart. It is especially noteworthy when you consider the title Brock carries – “Mr Irrelevant”. This is the title given to the last player selected in the NFL draft (#262). Nobody expected much out of him, yet, he went on to win seven games in a row while leading the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC championship game. Irrelevant? Not anymore.

As sinners, many consider themselves irrelevant when it comes to serving in God’s kingdom:
“I’m just a _____”
“I do not know enough”
“I do not speak very well”
“I am too young”
“I am too old”
“If there were a draft in God’s kingdom, I would be the last overall pick, Mr/Mrs Irrelevant.”
Those in the Bible that God called used similar excuses and more, but God’s response was and always is…

I will be with you.

That truth, that promise, means that NO ONE is irrelevent when God calls you to serve. It makes no difference what the world thinks of you. It makes no dfference if you would be picked last for the team. When God chooses you, you are VERY relevent, because…

God is with you.

Remember, God does not call the qualified, but rather, qualifies the called.