The Evil Monster

you are an evil monster,
deceiving and leading away,
the father of lies,
hiding in the shadows,
a lurking lion waiting to pounce,
a wolf wearing sheep clothing.
To hell with you.
Your dominion has been conquered by my Lord Jesus Christ.
He has shattered your hold through his resurrection.
And that is no lie for Jesus is the Truth.
You try to sell despair, but Jesus is the giver of Life.
You try to blind hearts, but Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to reside therein.
You try to reign but Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
You are nothing.
I will not listen to your whispers – no, I will not listen.
I will not buy what you are selling – throw it on the dung heap.
Silence and to hell with you –
My Lord Jesus reigns.
He is my Truth.
He is my Hope.
He is my Life.
Silence and away with you.

Sunday morning prayer

Good morning all…long time no “see”.  I have been somewhat absent from regular blogging recently.  This past week it has been due to the fact that I have been recovering from a touch of food poisoning (don’t worry mom, I am alright) and the energy and drive to blog just hasn’t been there.  I am not sure what I ate, but for those who have never dealt with this before…well…it sucks (sorry for the language, but that’s how I feel about it).

Continuing education
Today I leave for St. Cloud, MN where I will be attending the SW MN Fall Theological conference.  This year our focus is on evangelism so I am really looking forward to what they have for us.  I should have Internet access up there so hopefully I can have some more blog entries for you this week.

October is mental illness awareness month.  It is a time to remember those who suffer from mental illness and brain disorders (i.e depression, bipolar, brain injuries, etc).  There is such a sigma out there about mental illness and I am willing to bet that most if not all people have been or know of someone who has or who has dealt with mental illness.  I have a friend who has dealt with depression.  She took medication sought and counseling to help her cope.  Today she is fine, but I remember back when she was really struggling, a friend of hers started getting after her about taking medication for depression.  My friend was told that she needed to have more faith and pray more.  That was not helpful to my friend, but it shows and gross misunderstanding that many people have about mental illness.

Depression, along with other mental illnesses are illnesses that need to be treated.  They are physical inflictions and we as the body of Christ need to be mindful of those who are struggling.  We need to be supportive and prayerful.  We need to be open and welcoming.  We need to be more understanding.  So today remember to pray for those struggling with mental illness and seek more information if need be to help you gain a better understand.

Please join me in a word of prayer…

Healing God, today we come before you seeking understanding, compassion and empathy.  We seek these so we may better understand our brothers and sisters in Christ who struggle with mental illness.  We are created in your image and you desire no one to suffer.  Grant us eyes to see those who need your loving care ane grant us understanding, compassion and empathy to love those we sometimes push to the fringes.  Through Christ you have claimed ;  through Christ you have forgiven us; through Christ you have a place prepared for us in your mansion.  Gracious God, we give you thanks and praise.  In Christ name we pray, Amen.

Take care and God bless!