As the rain drops fall upon my head,
that are way too many to count,
I am quickly chased inside,
but maybe I need to stay out instead.

For as the countless drops of rain,
fall upon the ground,
I remember Your varied blessings,
that bring healing to my pain.

For the sting of death is beaten away,
the joy of life is given,
and even though Satan still roams free,
I can live with hope today.

For the ultimate blessing is Jesus my Lord,
who crowns me with glory and honor,
and therefore I rest assured with peace and joy,
that I am set free from Satan’s hordes.

And so I listen to the falling drops of rain,
as I hold tightly to Your promises,
and remember with all joy and peace,
that Jesus will forever and always reign.

The Pastor -|—

Christmas list

Once again I am late in getting my Christmas lists off to the various members of my family.  For the most part Connie has it almost done on the computer but we just haven’t finished looking it over one last time.  As is the case every year, I feel little guilty sending it off.  And now with our economy officially in a recession I feel even more guilty.  Maybe people should just save their money or put it to more worthy causes.  Frankly…I would be happy if people bought a flock of chickens through Heifer International in my name.  At least that way someone else would benefit as I continue to be blessed here.  And I am indeed blessed…what more could I possibly want.  I have a loving wife…a great family…awesome friends…I live in a wonderful community serving a caring congregation…and I could go on.  God has blessed Connie and me and for that I am thankful.

But there is still that side of me that wants a couple DVD movies and some more music CDs. I would like some new shirts/sweaters and other things that only my wife and mom seem to now that I need (I don’t know how they do it every year…I guess they pay attention).

So Connie and I will email our list off to our family tonight (did you catch that mom…it’s coming tonight).  We will make suggestions on what we would like, but in the end Christmas is about spending time with family and friends; counting the blessings that we have already received and continue to receive from God through Jesus Christ. We will continue to buy presents for our family and friends and look forward to their expressions as they open their gifts.  But one thing I do ask and pray…and that is that we do not lose focus.  Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and thanking God for the life that came with him.

May God continue to richly bless you in every way as you live in the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.