Sweet Malachi

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
today you are one;
growing up fast;
putting a smile on our face every single day,
and touching our hearts along the way.

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
it’s hard to believe, though,
that one year ago
we didn’t know you existed
but God did, and that’s what matters.

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
and even though we weren’t there when you were born,
God was there and that’s what matters,
and even though we weren’t the first to hold you,
God was the first to hold you and that’s what matters too.

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
you may not carry our DNA,
or look similar to us,
but you are our son, forever and ever,
but what matters even more is that you are a child of God.

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
one year ago you entered the world,
to make Mayah a big sister,
and mommy and daddy happy parents of two.
And we love you, sweet Malachi.

Malachi, sweet Malachi,
today we praise God for you,
for bringing you into our lives.
Today is your birthday and
so we shout “Happy birthday” and “God is great”.

Happy first birthday, our sweet Malachi.

The Pastor (Daddy) -|—

Great day

I had a great day yesterday.

Saturday, Feb. 12 was my birthday…the big 4-0.  Some people might get depressed about hitting that milestone but for me it just means I move into a new running age class (the 40 – 49 group).  Leave it to a dorky runner to be thinking about that.

But Saturday was special to me for another reason…

I was reminded yesterday of all the special people I have in my life.  Throughout the day I received numerous Facebook messages from people wishing me a happy birthday.  This is one of the many joys of Facebook ~ but that was only part of the specialness of the day.

Mid-afternoon I received a text message from a colleague of mine here in Jackson who is moving to a different house in town.  He asked me if I could come over at 5pm to help him.  I asked Connie and she said that would work fine before we went out.  My friend said it would take about a 1/2 hour.  At 5pm I went over to my friend’s house.  As I was helping him I began to wonder what was going on.  My friend seemed to be stalling me for some reason and I began to wonder why I needed to help him then when they weren’t moving for a few weeks.  I didn’t say anything.  At 5:30 I said I needed to go so Connie and I could go out for supper.

As I drove home various scenarios started playing in my head but I tried to squash them because I felt guilty for expecting any elaborate plan to get me out of the house.  I turned into the parking lot and there were no vehicles but I immediately thought “well…they just parked somewhere else.”  I shook my head trying to rid myself of that thought.  I walked into the house and began to take my shoes off.  I looked up…and saw a strange coat hanging on the chair (my suspicions were confirmed).  I walked into the living room and there they were ~ a whole host of my friends waiting for me (apparently they forgot to hide that coat I saw).  My wife had decorated while I was gone…and had been planning for quite a few weeks.  It was a great night.  Even though I had my suspicions I was still pleasantly surprised…and felt very blessed.

As I played through various scenarios in my head from 5 to 5:30pm they did not compare to what I felt when I actually experienced the real thing.  It is like that with God as well.  We can read about God in scripture.  We can hear stories about God’s faithfulness in the Bible.  We can hear others talk about their encounters with God.  All of these are great but they can’t hold a (birthday) candle to your experience of God’s love in your own life.  Every time I am blown away.  Every time I am lifted up.  Every time I am made to feel like the only one in the world.  When ever God does something in my life I feel like I have had the best night of my life.

God is like that, you know.  God celebrates you each and everyday.  God is happy that he created you.  God brags about you to the angels in heaven.  And…God sent his Son, Jesus, to die and rise FOR YOU that you may have life.  That is God’s gift FOR YOU.

I thank my wife and friends for a special day yesterday…I will never forget it.

But most of all…I thank God for making everyday to eternity special through Jesus Christ our Lord.