My Mighty Fortress

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
[Psalms 46:1 ESV]

Oh my Mighty Fortress,
I wake this morning in peace,
For You are my Refuge and Strength.
You are my very present help in trouble.
No matter the size,
You are my Defender.
My skin may be thus destroyed but so be it –
You hold my life.
My name my be sullied and dragged through the mud but so be it –
You have given me Your family name through Jesus.
My body may be weak and in pain but so be it –
For Your grace is sufficient for me.
The powers that be may roar and show their teeth but so be it –
You are my Shepherd.
The very earth may crumble and fall a way but so be it –
I am secure in You.
My Mighty Fortress, my God,
I praise You that You are my Refuge and Strength for it gives me courage to go forth into this day.
Affliction may torment me but You are my Life, Fortress and God.
And thus I shall live forever, in peace, with You.
Thank you, God, for being my Mighty Fortress.

Happy Reformation Sunday!

Blessings to you this Reformation Sunday.

Sorry, but I do not have a prayer to post this morning.  My “smart” clock once again got the best of me and set itself back on hour this morning.  Hence…I overslept; throwing off my routine.  I pray that the Holy Spirit may speak to your heart this morning; moving you to action and inspiring you to proclaim freedom for the captives.

So in the words of one of my favorite hymns:
‎”No strength of ours can match is might! We would be lost, rejected. But now a champion comes to fight, whom God himself elected. You ask who this may be? The Lord of hosts is he! Christ Jesus, mighty Lord, God’s only Son, adored! He holds the field victorious.” (Vs. 2 of A Mighty Fortress)

God bless!

edh -|—