Wanting Needs

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
[Psalm 23:1]

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you couldn’t think of anything else?
I really want that new phone.
I really want that new car.
I really want that job promotion.
I really want _________.
You get the point. Wants are dangerous as they redirect our attention from what we already have. For if you are part of God’s flock through Jesus Christ, then you already have everything you need. And when you see that you have everything you need, then your wants become what God deems that you need in order to glorify him. Your selfish wants won’t do that unless you need those wants to glorify God and God agrees with your wants and thus gives you what you need. If that be the case, then those wants are not selfish but needs that want God more.

[Whew, did you follow all of that?]

Basically, it’s all about God and thus God will ensure you that you have everything you need (Jesus) to want to glorify him.

Oh God, give me what I need to want You more. Amen.

This Day

Oh God, to You I pray
Through Christ the only way
Every second
Every moment
Oh God, I want to say

To You I live this day
To You I will obey
Every second
Every moment
With You I’ll be okay

So guide me in the Way
That You I may display
Every second
Every moment
Your love I will portray

All praise to You today
Your grace I will relay
Every second
Every moment
Oh God, to You I pray

Through Jesus I Win

Thine is the kingdom
Thine is the glory
I am Your child
In Your great story

Holy and mighty
Sovereign You are
Reigning forever
But never afar

A sinner am I
For that I confess
I am unholy
My life what a mess

Forgiveness a gift
Amazing for sure
I am unworthy
But You reassure

Repentance I want
Without a delay
For You are my God
And so I obey

Grant me Your Spirit
That I may proclaim
Teaching all others
The fame of Your name

For Jesus is Lord
He died for my sin
Though life here will end
Through Jesus I win


I envy the leaf.
The wind blows,
from God knows where,
and the leaf goes.
It doesn’t resist.
It doesn’t suggest.
It doesn’t direct.
It simply goes with the wind.
Landing where the wind wills.
There the leaf does what leaves do,
until the next breeze comes along,
from God knows where.
Oh to trust God like that;
to ride the wind.
Doing what God made me to be.
Oh, to be a leaf.

The Gift

This is the Great Thanksgiving liturgy I wrote for Holy Communion today, based on the preaching text from John 20:19-29…

It is indeed right and salutary
that we should at all times and in all places
give thanks and praise to you,
oh God,
Creator of life.
Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ died on the cross
and rose from the dead that our sins would be forgiven.
This is awesome and incredible news,
but also unbelievable to our human brains.
For one thing we are sinners worthy of condemnation
and secondly dead people don’t come back to life.
But all thanks and praise to You
that You have given us the gift of Your Holy Spirit
that we can believe this Good News;
that Jesus is alive,
and thus be saved.
And so we join with the Church on earth and the hosts of heaven
in singing Your unending praise…


There is none holy like the Lord: for there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God.” [1 Samuel 2:2 ESV]

Holy God,
the Almighty,
there is indeed no one like You — not even close.
There is no one or no thing that can come close to comparing to You.
You are
Creator of all.
You are my God and thus I worship You.
You, oh Lord do I worship.
for You and You alone are worthy.
But what am I?
As the psalmist say, I am but a worm.
I am only worthy of condemnation and destruction.
Oh Lord, my God, have mercy on this worm,
a sinner,
Have mercy, Lord, have mercy, in Jesus name.
Forgive me
Forgive me
Forgive me
May I sing Your praise day and night.
May I proclaim Your glory.
May I shout of Your salvation.
May I dwell in You.
For You are indeed my Rock and Salvation.
…there is no god like You,
for You are my Rock and Salvation.
only You.
You are my God.

Prayer for a New Day

Father God,
Your mighty hand has protected me throughout this past night;
graciously opening my eyes to see Your glory in a new day.
Though my aches and pains and troubles are still present,
You are more present,
Lord of all
As Your mighty hand protected me through the might,
may Your mighty hand guide me through this day also,
not that I may be glorified but that I may bring glory to Your holy name.
Your majesty is all around.
Your glory is not hidden.
Your love is ever abounding.
Your mercy is great.
Holy God, loving Father, mighty Lord,
through Jesus Christ restore my soul,
revive my heart,
renew may faith.
May Your Way never depart from my eyes and heart.
Keep me
Hold me
Secure me
from the evil one.
And now, with You by my side, I am ready;
ready to take on this day.
To You be all honor, glory, thanks, praise and worship,
In Jesus name I pray,